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Some of our Ministry Videos

Some of our Ministry Videos:

Wigglesworth was a SOLDIER!

" . . .and the door was SHUT! -Matthew 25"

"The Signs Are ALL in Place!"


"Bible Promises? YOU BET!"


"Get Ready-NOW!"

Are We Really In The Last Days?

What fell on the head of the disciples in Acts 2 was not the gentle dove of the Holy Spirit. What fell on the head of the disciples was a FIRE!

Catch some of that same fire, here:

Tithing. Is it scriptural for New Testament Believers?


Why Worship? 


Pump it Up ! (Watch the video-you'll get the pun . . .)

Other videos coming!


This particular video we had nothing to do with the production of and is not connected with our ministry in any way. However, the material on the video is very, very interesting-to say the least-as it relates to the end times, biblical prophecy, etc. 

Just what are all these sounds being undeniably heard, all over the world? 

Why now?

Listen here:

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