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Weekly Online Church Services

Since September 2012 the ministry has been doing regular, weekly outreaches thru website radio. We have two channels on Blogtalkradio.
The first channel is all of our half hour shows, titled
While the second channel contains all our hour plus shows, titled

 Here is a player to play the most current HALF HOUR shows 

Here is a player to play the most recent HOUR plus shows:

Finally, here are some DIRECT LINKS to some of our half hour shows. It will give you the 'flavor' of the shows, slightly better (includes scrolling pictures, related to each theme, for example)

1) Our very first half hour radio show through Blogtalk. Have you seen the signs? Ministers that used to be happy preaching to several thousands are now preaching to several HUNDREDS of thousands!

"...and when this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached as a witness to all nations, then shall the end come"

We're seeing it in front of our eyes, right now, 2012. Listen here:

"The Time Is Short!"

2) "Are You Ready?". Noah took an awful long time building that Ark.The Ark was not just a 'casual project', by any means. Building the Ark was a lifetime commitment that took a radical change in Noah's lifestyle, but (because of his faithfulness to "keep on building") he made it to safety.

What is it that you're taking the time to build, right now?

"Are You Ready?"

3) "Why Stand Ye' Gazing?". Is it our job, as Christians, to be gazing up into the sky and saying "There He is on that cloud", "No, hold on-perhaps this cloud, no . . . "

Is it"

Listen in, as we address this very subject!

"Why Stand Ye' Gazing?"

4) "Overcoming Christians". Very basic teaching on some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Although the teaching is somewhat "fundamental"-it does cover some topics that are usually NOT "taught in the AVERAGE Sunday School". Why do we say this?

Click on the link, listen and find out!

"Overcoming Christians"

5) Suppose you accepted the Lord into your heart years ago but now you're living "like the devil". What does the Lord do with and in those kind of situations? Can you LOSE your salvation?

"Once Saved, Always Saved?"

6) If you've been around Christianity any length of time, you have heard about "The Blood". Obviously, this refers to the Blood of Jesus. Has anyone ever taught you WHY "the Blood of Jesus"? What was it (is it) that THAT blood did-and could do-that no other blood could? Did it have to be 'by blood'?

All good, "fair" questions! Here are some answers:

"The Blood"

7) Is it possible for BORN AGAIN Christians to STILL have FEAR in their lives? Does fear have little "cousins"-like doubt, unbelief and worry?

How can a Christian REALLY, REALLY "overcome" fear-and all it's little 'cousins'? Are there REALLY four simple steps that anyone can take to overcome fear?

Yes, there are. They are described on this broadcast (bring a paper and a pen!):

"Overcoming Fears"

8) Worship is an experience that ALL Christians need to engage in. It is during worship that the Holy Spirit will SCHEDULE things to help believers with, enlighten them on things going on in their own personal lives and strengthen them in their spiritual walk.

To that end-here are two pure 'worship and prayer' episodes-produced by the ministry-to help folks enter the presence of the Lord:

Short Worship Time #1

Behold the Lamb #2

Please visit the radio links above for the FULL LIST !


Special "Sponsored" Shows !

Here is a specific show from that link, that ties in VERY nicely with our push to help folks have access to "FREE ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES":

Does YOUR Church operate in ALL these "functions?"


The "Making the Course Count" broadcast -with a link to a prayer ministry website!

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