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Are You in the Last Days?

Here is the link to the ministry page of the same title, on our ministry website:
"Are You in the Last Days?"

There is A LOT of material (graphics, statistics, scripture, teaching,etc.) on the link above. Please DO take the time to check out the above link.


Now, BESIDES the material available through the link above,the following material is NOT on the website ministry page and is supplemental to the ministry website:

Jesus said that in the Last Days there would be great signs in the heavens and dismay among the nations, perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves.

Yes, when these things go on, there will be "hype". There are, however, so many things going on that are so obviously NOT hype, that people really DO need to pay attention!

On the ministry page link above there is a map of just some of the earthquakes that have occurred, in a certain region, through a specific time frame.  There is also a chart of the earthquakes that have happened, globally, since about the last 100 years.

Now, truth be told, ALL the earthquakes that have NOW occurred, has, simply, tilted the axis of the earth a significant enough amount to have MAJOR effects on weather, weather patterns, bird migration, fish migration-even North/South runways at airports across the world:

Now, enough of the pictures. The person who made the following video is not connected with our ministry in any way, however, we believe he has 'encapsulated' what is going on with the basics of the earth having shifted-with pretty good,"easy to follow" graphics. As far as the Mayan stuff and the like he talks about, we're simply using his video to demonstrate-graphically- the SIGNIFICANT shift of the earths axis, that's "all". . .

Also, this is a good video with A LOT of further info about the earths axis shifting:
Earth Axis Shifted Video

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