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Orphanage in Uganda, Africa

~Oasis Orphans Care Ministry~
Uganda, Africa

For every dollar that comes in to support the ministry of Cross and Blood ten percent of all that comes into the ministry goes directly-"right off the top"- to support this orphanage in Uganda, Africa. 

from us at the ministry of Cross and Blood

from the children of the orphanage !

The leader of the orphanage is a blessed, gifted and faithful man by the name of  Mr.Mukulu Jonathan.

Through much assistance from some hard working folks here in the United States, a website has been established for all the most up to date information about the orphanage:

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Since February of 2013 we have been very blessed to be able to send actual supplies and money directly to the orphanage. The orphanage itself helps to feed, clothe and educate over 30 kids, several needy families of the area, as well as a few widows (read the absolute latest and up to date statistics on the website link just above)

We are believing God to be able to not only minister every month to the children of the orphanage but to actually increase the supplies and the financial donations we send to them, every month.

Here are some recent pictures from the orphanage.

One angle of the united effort to house the children better
[Thank you !]

Another shot of the same project

Recent distribution of donated school supplies

One dollar does not mean all that much to those of us here.

That same dollar can help feed one child for one entire day, there

> > THANK YOU ! < < 

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UPDATE: In prayer before the Lord, He has said just flat out make it easy for folks to donate DIRECTLY to the orphanage, if He lays it on their hearts to do so.

Here is the link, just created April 2013, to do just that. ALL funds (minus any Western Union Fees-you simply can not send the funds, without incurring the fees) donated thru this link will be sent directly to the Orphanage. All receipts for such paperwork are kept on file and may be viewed upon request (will be sent via email)

Oasis Care Ministry/Orphanage-Uganda, Africa

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